Kilburn Junior School

At Kilburn Junior School, we are fortunate to have exceptional facilities and a huge site boasting: several playgrounds, a vast school field, outdoor learning areas (including a nature area), on-site kitchen and dining facilities, changing rooms for children to use for PE, a dedicated computing suite, teaching bays, a music and art room and facilities and equipment to promote a range of sporting activities including cycling.

At our school, children, parents and staff are at the heart of our community. We are proud to provide a purposeful, caring, inclusive and stimulating environment where our children will grow to be: 

  • Happy, safe and secure,

  • Inquisitive, independent learners,

  • Creative and innovative thinkers,

  • Caring, tolerant and respectful of others,

  • Fit and healthy,

  • Confident and assertive.


We will work together to ensure that the children reach their full potential now, are well equipped for the future and are ready to make a positive contribution to our local community.

You can get in touch with the School in a number of ways, these are listed below.


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Kilburn Junior School

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