• Kilburn PC Clerk

Memorial Parade - November 14/11/21

Dear All,

With the ongoing COVID-19 Restrictions, the Parish Council felt that it would be unsuitable to have a internal service at the Baptist Church this year. As we have had so many people attending our services we would not be able to safely provide a suitable area for everyone to congregate.

With this in mind, we are extending our stay at the War Memorial by an additional 10 minutes to allow for a fuller service to be provided by the ministers of St Clements Church.

The itinerary for the event will be as follows:

13:50PM - Meet at Bown Close for start of Parade to War Memorial.

14:00PM - Parade sets off from Bown Close on normal Route

14:30PM - Arrive at War Memorial for Extended Service.

15:00PM - End of Service - Disperse from War Memorial.


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