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Be part of something brilliant and join us at Kilburn Nature Reserve & Memorial Garden!


ALL WELCOME Please come along and join in.

Wednesday: June 26th - 6:30pm.

Saturday: July 13th - 9:30am.

Saturday: August 17th - 9:30am

Wednesday: August 28th - 6:30pm.

Saturday: September 14th - 9:30am.

Wednesday: September 25th - 6:30pm.

The following dates are for those that can help with the pathway completion, this entails laying of roadstone and compacting to flatten.

Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th July - 6:30pm and Saturday the 27th - 9:30am

All sessions last around 3 hours but you can come and go as you please.

Children are very welcome with an accompanying adult, it would be fantastic to get them involved.


moving loose twigs, branches, large stones and debris from the top area and placing in piles. Do a general clear up of weeds, unwanted bramble from pathways and existing plants, reposition plants and saplings, create a new hedges, and pathway maintenance, planting, plus more.

You will receive a warm welcome;  we will run through what needs to be done regarding the whole area and there will be a health and safety talk. We also welcome your ideas and views as it is a valuable contribution.

We will provide you with gloves but we ask you to bring for your own comfort and safety:-


* Sensible Footwear: the ground can be wet and is uneven.

* Knee pads or something to kneel on if you find this comfortable.


We have managed to obtain some equipment. However, if you could help by bringing any of the following items it would be appreciated.

* Spade

* Fork

* Rake

* Hand tools: trowel, fork and secateurs.

If you don’t have all or any equipment please don’t worry, we can share or work on areas that does not require equipment.


If we feel from a health and safety perspective that it is not safe to go ahead, or it is too wet to work, we will let you know as soon as possible via our Facebook page or WhatsApp (for those that have been before)

Hope to see you there,

Best wishes

Tracey, Carl and Simon.

(Coordinators of the community team)

For more information please contact the Clerk of Kilburn Parish Council

Sheila Matthews:

Mobile: 07989623309



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