Below is the confirmed refuse and recycling schedule for Kilburn and surrounding areas for 2021.

Recycling Collections

Sat 19th December

Mon 4th January 2021

Mon 18th January 2021

Mon 1st February 2021

Mon 15th February 2021

Mon 1st March 2021

Mon 15th March 2021

Mon 29th March 2021

Mon 12th April 2021

Mon 26th April 2021

Mon 10th May 2021

Mon 24th May 2021

Mon 7th June 2021 

Recycling Collections

Mon 21st June 2021

Mon 5th July 2021

Mon 19th July 2021

Mon 2nd August 2021

Mon 16th August

Tue 31st August 2021

Mon 13th September 2021

Mon 27th September 2021

Mon 11th October 2021

Mon 25th October 2021

Mon 8th November  2021

Mon 22nd November 2021

Mon 6th December 2021

Important bank holiday collections 2020/21

Christmas recycling collections

Collections due on:

Mon 21st Dec 2020

Will be collected on:

Sat 19th December 2020

New Year recycling collections

All collections as normal

Bank Holiday recycling collections

Collections due on:

Mon 30th August 2021

Will be collected on:

Tue 31st August 2021

Refuse Collections

Sat 14th December

Mon 28th December 2021

Mon 11th January 2021

Mon 25th January 2021

Mon 8th February 2021

Mon 22nd February 2021

Mon 8th March 2021

Mon 22nd March 2021

Tue 6th April 2021

Mon 19th April 2021

Mon 4th May 2021

Mon 17th May 2021

Tue 1st June 2021 

Refuse Collections

Mon 14th June 2021

Mon 28th June 2021

Mon 12th July 2021

Mon 26th July 2021

Mon 9th August 2021

Tue 23rd August 2021

Mon 6th September 2021

Mon 20th September 2021

Mon 4th October 2021

Mon 18th October 2021

Mon 1st November  2021

Mon 15th November 2021

Mon 29th November 2021

Important bank holiday collections 2020/21

Christmas refuse collections

Collections due on:

Mon 28th Dec 2020

Will be collected on:

Collection as normal

New Year refuse collections

All collections as normal

Bank Holiday recycling collections

Collections due on:

Mon 5th April 2021

Mon 3rd May 2021

Mon 31st May 2021

Will be collected on:

Tue 6th April 2021

Tue 4th May 2021

Tue 1st June 2021

Missed Collections

if bins cannot be emptied due to vehicle breakdowns, parked cars, bad weather or road closures the council will attempt to empty your bin within 48 hours of the normal collection day. Please ensure your bin is available for collection during this period.

If the council cannot empty your bin, then on your next scheduled collection day, you can put out three extra bags of refuse or extra recycling at the side of your bin.

Updates of waste cancellations can be found by visiting the  Amber Valley Borough Council Website.


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