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Nature Reserve - We're on Facebook!

A lot has been happening at Kilburn Nature Reserve & Memorial Garden. A group of volunteers, now known as

"Kilburn Community Group" have been meeting regularly to improve and maintain the area.

Many improvements have been made this year which include additional pathways, shrub planting, bulb planting, tree pruning and general maintenance. The steps taken during 2023 have really enhanced the area, allowing anyone to visit and enjoy the space.

During 2024/2025 we have lots of exciting projects planned, to enhance the area further. We plan to add additional seating (which includes picnic areas and benches), raised planters and the addition of a waterside pathway which follows the brook.

Keep updated and follow our Facebook page!

We'll be posting future progress and community group meetup days on our page. Come along and lend a hand and get involved in something great thats part of our local community.



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