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War Memorial Complete!

Following a successful refurbishment the war memorial has been completed intime for Remembrance Day.

Kilburn Parish Council are happy to announce that the War Memorial has been completely refurbished in time for the Remembrance Parade on 11th November. Following many years of quotations and approvals the Parish Council were committed to ensuring that the memorial was preserved for many years to come. Working with Blair Gratton Architects to ensure that the conservation works were in keeping with the requirements of the War Memorials Trust, the memorial has been totally refurbished with Derbyshire stone. Thanks go out to the construction company, Andrews and our architects Blair Gratton. We would also like to give thanks to our Parish Council Clerk Sheila Matthews for managing this process over the many years along with David Hall, Parish Council Chairman. We hope you enjoy looking at the work which has been completed and we look forward to seeing you at the Remembrance Parade.



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