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Chairman's Welcome
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Firstly, Welcome to Kilburn Parish Council's Website.  Below are some details on how Kilburn was formed.

The origins of the name KILBURN date back to Danish times when the village was known as CYLLA's BURN, meaning "Silver Stream". Cylla was a mythical Danish figure and the stream was so called because of its fast flowing and glistening appearance. The stream from which the name was derived could have been one of three that flowed through the village at that time. One flowed through the grounds of Kilburn Hall, while another descended from Morrells Wood to Rawson Green, but it was more likely to be Bottle Brook, (Bottolph's Brook?). By 1162 Kilburn was being referred to as KYLEBURN, clearly derived from its Danish name Cylla's Burn. It is known that the name Kyleburn was in general use in 1445, but by 1600 it had become KILBURNE although there are many instances of the name KILBOURNE recorded before the present spelling was adopted in 1900 when the "O" and "E" were dropped.

David Hall, Chairman

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